Pumping creamy milk close up- short

You’ve always been fascinated by how my lactation works. You want to know exactly what it looks and feels like to produce creamy milk from my luscious breasts. It amazes you that my body has produced life and can sustain it just through my engorged breasts. They’re just heaving with all of that creamy milk for me to show you how it works. Every evening when I hook myself up to my Medela electric breast pump I can see you trying to catch glimpses when you think I’m not looking. Tonight when I caught you looking as I was setting up, I invited you to come watch and I’ll explain it all to you. After you’re seated with a good, close up view I explain to you what the buttons on the pump do and show you how to set it up. Then it’s showtime. I turn the pump on and talk you through what it feels like to me. Before too long I’ve already produced so much delicious milk that the bottle is half full and I haven’t even finished the first breast! I hope I don’t overflow the bottle while you’re watching!This is the shortened version. I was asked to clip it so only the pumping portion was seen. This clip includes only the close up of the pumping in action.

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